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Do you have a large list of keywords?

If you are a mass page builder, there’s a big chance you gather lots and lots of keywords for your page building campaigns. Great. But the problem start when you have to clean out that list of keywords. You need to remove duplicates, remove geo-targets and remove the negative keywords. (leadgen) The truth is NOT all keywords are profitable or worth having in your project.

Does this process sound familiar?

  • 1. Go to Google Keywords Tool and gather all keywords.
  • 2. Go to and gather more keywords.
  • 3. Go to and get some more keywords.
  • 4. Now you open up you favorite keyword App. and get some more longer tail keyphrases.

Now you have a list of several thousand keywords. Great. Or is it?

Now, let me ask you… How do you clean this list and make sure there are no duplicates, no negative keywords and keywords containing locations? If you've been doing this by hand, you probably know how much work this can be. And also how much time it can take. And also how many keywords you miss. And also etc... Do you get my drift?

You don't want to spend your time doing this for every niche you enter

The fact is that cleaning up a list of several thousand keywords for your niche takes time and a ton of effort you could be spending on your content. Content containing your researched keywords. How do you discover those golden nuggets that will bring you buyer traffic while removing all the duds? Not an easy thing to do, when you clean a keyword list by hand.Keyword Scubber makes all that manual labor a thing of the past.

What Can You Do With Keyword Scrubber?

  • 1. Easily find and remove duplicate keywords.
  • 2. Easily find and remove negative words.
  • 3. Quickly remove entire keyphrases.
  • 4. Save your negative keywords in lists.
  • 5. 3 Click operation. Select, Apply, Run.
  • 6. Remove entire keyphrases or single words.
  • 7. Discover the "natural categories" hiding inside your keyword list.
  • 8. Plan your entire mpc/mass page campaign in under 2 hours.

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Carl Riedel, Keyword Scrubber Builder

Carl "Carlstarus" Riedel

If you have any issues, you can contact me on Skype or through my email. Make sure you've signed up to the list above to get notified when I add features and updates to Keyword Scrubber. Of course you can also use the form on the contact page to get in touch.

Do you have feedback? Your feedback is important to me. Please drop me a line and submit your feedback. If it's an added feature or functionality for the software, I'd be more than happy to check if I can add it to Keyword Scrubber.

P.S. KWS (Keyword Scrubber) was never meant to be sold to the public at all. It is my personal inhouse tool for speeding up the process of cleaning my keyword lists. So grab it while you can. KWS is of course a perfect companion for Mass Page Creator.

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